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Summers Approaching! ☀️ 

Were beginning to approach summer, shirts off season and all that. Which are you right now? ⬇️

Everyone’s goals are different. Some may be on that “PermaBulk” chonk life. Others want to stay lean all year round and some only care about performance! However, if your main focus is to get bigger, stronger, fitter and body fat percentage doesn’t matter… sometimes a yearly cut into summer can do you some good!

Note - If your already super lean - Just keep the bulk life going

You’re main goal should be to retain muscle (you may even add some). We want to be strong and fit after all, not “skinny”. Therefore, a small deficit is preferred. Now I’m not talking “6 pack abs” lean for everyone, but getting rid of some of that extra fluff picked up on your last, year long bulk will have three main benefits:

  • Improve your overall health

  • Give you more runway room to gain more on your next bulk

  • Not to mention its just more comfortable in the hotter months carrying a bit less weight around!

Below is a simple no nonsense outline to implement ⬇️

“From Dad Bod to God Bod 🔥💪

Time Frame : 8-12 weeks

Aim for 10-12K Daily Steps - Yes NEAT (Non - Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) is very beneficial. So get your Steps in! We will get fully into this in an article being published soon.

  1. Find out your Maintenance Calories, this is easily done with most online calculators. (We will also be writing up a full article on this soon so you understand fully how this works)

  2. Reduce your Maintenance Calories by 250-500 per day.

  3. Track your bodyweight Monday to Friday, weigh yourself in the morning after the toilet. Add together and divide by 5 to get weekly average ⚖️ 

  4. After 2 weeks if your bodyweight isn’t trending down reduce another 250cals. If it is trending down, stay at current calories (Don’t reduce calories if you don’t need to)

  5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 ⬆️ for the 8-12 weeks

  6. At the end of the 8-12 weeks adjust to new maintenance calories based on new body weight for 3-4 weeks, for a diet break.

  7. Decide to cut again or get back to Bulking! 💪 

Keep training close to failure, within the 1-3 RIR bracket (RIR - Reps in Reserve) meaning you could only perform 1-3 reps more in any given set.

Foam rolling the calf or Worlds best Hamstring Exercise 🤔 

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See you all next week!

Happy Lifting,